Lichtenberg zippers in smart desk design

Let's burn the smart desk!
Oh, those ideas in my head, and they don't let me rest...
Today I'm going to talk about Lichtenberg zippers.
A year ago when I wanted to create a smart desk out of solid teardrop with epoxy. I saw some interesting lightning bolts on wood and got interested in how they were made.
Watched YouTube, ordered the device. It turned out to be simple and dangerous.

Simply because you take a microwave, then a transformer, then wires + and - and attached to the tree. Then water and baking soda and voila - real lightning trails!
Dangerous, because this little device can easily kill a person if used improperly.

In closing, I want to say that my team and I are moving forward in our exploration of new things.
This unique desk is the only one in the world with such a complete set and incredible patterns. It will go to Vladivostok very soon.
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