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Natural wood
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High Power USB
Wireless charging +20W

Parts description

Aviation titanium socket with 2 USB
Experience perfect design with two USB ports and fast charging function. The German style is characterized by clear straight lines, geometricity, severity, and conciseness, all of which are reflected in this product.

The coating is made of real aviation titanium, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, there is a child protection feature for added safety.
Built-in USB hub with power on button
Our smart desk has an on/off button that allows you to control the power of the desk and all the built-in electronics. For your convenience, we have made the charging boards 20 watts - that's Type C and USB. With Adaptive Fast Charging, your gadget charges as fast as it allows.

Transferring data to your computer is easy with another USB 3.0 port located at the end of the desk. The second part is under the desk in the wire case and plugs into your computer.

The cover material of our USB hub is aircraft grade titanium, the toughest metal on earth that does not corrode. You can trust that our desk will last you a long time.
Natural wood countertop
Real solid oak is beautiful to the touch and durable in use. Its beautiful texture and natural material will emphasize the beauty of your apartment or office.

The 4 cm thick solid oak is coated with natural wax and varnish, which effectively protects against scratches and scuffs.
T-shaped holder
This is a unique development of IWOOD.PRO. It allows the user to set the phone at the desired angle for the user. The ability to charge the phone via USB cable, in an upright position. Ideal for the co-working room and office.
Wireless Charger 20W
Built-in wireless charger in the table, allows you to quickly charge your gadgets. IWOOD.PRO experts have selected and tested a really fast and reliable charger for you.
Pedestal - desk base
The pedestal comes in two varieties, adjustable and non-adjustable.
Adjustment is important for comfortably adjusting the height of the desk, both when sitting and when standing. You will find a lot of information about the benefits of working standing up on the Internet.
Pedestal options
IWOOD.PRO offers three options for the base of the desk:
1. Loft base with steaming effect (non-adjustable)
This pedestal is made of an 80×40mm thick metal profile. It is powder-coated and connected by 8 strong bolts to the tabletop, which gives the table rigidity and eliminates the possibility of wobbling. Steaming effect - the desk top is connected to the pedestal in the middle, which creates a beautiful effect around the edges. There is the possibility of installing backlighting.

2. The Linak adjustable pedestal
The best in its segment, does not wobble at all. Produced in Denmark, holds 160 kg, height adjustable from 74 to 125 cm. Has two motors and excellent fastening, noiseless and can not be compared with their Chinese counterparts.
Now the company LINAK left the Russian market, so the cost of adjustable pedestal increased. Manufactured in Denmark, supports 160 kg, height adjustable from 74 to 125 cm.

3. Adjustable loft with backlight
Our development and pride of place, the stuffing from the Danish company Linac. The built-in lighting has a beautiful floating effect near the floor. The outer component - the metal profile - is made in an interesting design. A version without illumination is available. Supports 160 kg.
Yandex Alice + 32 watt speakers
Built-in Alice will turn on music, tell you about the weather, call a cab. Convenient synchronization with the smart home will make you feel perfect. Yandex Station is installed in the table and transmits sound through the AUX cable to the built-in speakers.

We make the speakers ourselves out of oak. We add passive speakers for deeper sound and bass, covering with beautiful titanium inserts.

You can order the speakers separately without Yandex Alice and connect them to your computer.
Pouch of eco leather for wires
This is a unique development of our company. Cable management from eco leather on magnetic holders with built-in surge protector for 4 sockets and 2 USB. It will perfectly hide all wires.
With an easy movement of the hand you can open the case and put all wires there, close and forget.
This way, only 1 220V plug comes out to connect from the table, which allows you to get rid of the unnecessary braid of wires.
Natural veneer cabinet
We create desk style cabinets made of natural veneer.
Natural lacquer coating and color of your choice. The drawers of the desk are equipped with quality door closers. Sizes to suit all tastes.
System unit holder and headphone holder
For each system unit we produce mounts to individual sizes. Mounting to the bottom of the table top.
Headphone holder is mounted at your discretion in any convenient place.
Desk and pedestal lighting
We create desk style pedestals out of natural veneer.
Natural lacquer coating and color of your choice. The desk drawers are equipped with quality door closers. Sizes to suit all tastes.
Lighted shelf
Natural wood and beautifully illuminated shelf will allow you to make a nice interior of your apartment. The light is hidden under a beautiful screen. It can be controlled manually or with the smart home app. Concealed fixing to the wall and connection to 220 V.

Smart Desk E-1

from 69 000
The Smart Desk E-1 is a basic model that has been designed with user comfort in mind. All the elements have been placed strategically so that they are within easy reach. On the right side of the desk, you will find a power button, a USB hub, and two Euro sockets. Additionally, there is a unique feature - a T-shaped phone holder with swipe function. This holder is adjustable to provide the necessary inclination for your phone and allows you to work hands-free with two devices.

To keep the desk tidy, all wires have been placed inside a 4 cm thick table top. The power cable is hidden in a special chute and a magnetic cover made of eco-leather under the desk top. On the left side of the desk, there is a wireless charging zone that allows you to charge any gadget quickly. In the center of the desk, there is a through perforation that allows natural air access to your computer.

The loft-style desk is supported by wide profile steel legs in the form of a square frame. The metal elements are made of aircraft-grade titanium, which adds sophistication to the product and makes it highly durable. The desk top is made of natural oak and comes in two colors - natural wood and wenge.

Desk dimensions: 120×60×4 cm and others
Color: by choice
Pedestal: adjustable, non-adjustable
Table height: 80 cm
Materials: steel, aircraft grade titanium, oak plank
Fabrication time: 15-30 days
- Wireless charger 20w
- Phone holder
- Power button and USB charging
- Built-in filter under the table
- Built-in power outlets on the table
- Eco-leather wire pouch
- Titanium inlays
- Natural ventilation

Smart Desk M-1

from 99 000
This desk is highly advanced, featuring backlighting and adjustable height settings. The built-in electronic assistant, Yandex Alice, allows for automatic functionality by responding to voice commands through the microphone and providing feedback through the powerful 30W speakers.

Additionally, the desk boasts a built-in LED strip around the perimeter, which can be adjusted for brightness and color using the remote control. The desk top is made of solid oak and can be mounted on fixed height square frame legs or equipped with an automatic height adjustment unit on the left side for comfortable sitting or standing positions.
Stylish functional inserts made of aviation titanium add an extra touch of sophistication to this impressive model.

Desk dimensions: 140×70×4 cm and others
Color: your choice
Pedestal: adjustable, unadjustable
Height: from 71-125 cm
Material: steel, aircraft grade titanium, oak plank
Fabrication time: 15-30 days
- 20w wireless charger,
- Stand for the phone,
- Power button and USB charging
- Built-in filter under the table,
- Pouch for eco-leather cables
- Titanium inserts
- Natural ventilation
- Yandex Alice with JBL 32 watt speakers
- Desk light

Smart Desk N-1

from 149 000
The Smart Desk N-1 is a versatile and advanced piece of furniture that can improve any workspace. It is specifically designed for individual and non-standard solutions, making it an ideal choice for those seeking unique and personalized options. This model can be customized in any color and size of table top, and comes with two pedestal options - fixed at 80cm high or adjustable with the built-in automatic unit up to 125 cm.

The Yandex Alice software is further enhanced by the Jabra voice speaker, providing ease of communication with the assistant through a microphone and JBL speakers for 32 watts. As with the Smart Desk M-1 model, this office desk is equipped with LED backlighting with remote control.

The Smart Desk N-1 also comes with standard equipment from IWOOD.PRO, including cable management, a USB-hub with rapid charging, a wireless zone for charging gadgets at 20W, and a T-shaped stand for smartphones. With all these features and more, the Smart Desk N-1 is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality and advanced work desk.

Table dimensions: any
Color: by choice
Pedestal: adjustable, non-adjustable
Height: 66-125 cm
Materials used: steel, aircraft grade titanium, oak plank
Fabrication time: 15 to 30 days
- 20w wireless charger,
- Stand for the phone,
- USB hub with fast charging
- Jabra voice speaker
- Titanium inserts
- Yandex Alice with JBL 32w speakers
- Desk illumination
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IWOOD.PRO is a company that delivers worldwide.

The weight of our desks ranges from 50 to 80 kg and they are packed with high quality in sturdy boxes. Delivery and payment are handled by courier companies, according to their individual conditions and tariffs, and must be paid separately.


The price of our smart desks is always calculated individually, depending on the equipment, size, and base (pedestal) chosen. Our website displays introductory prices for the minimum size with a regular pedestal and a specified set, but there is also the possibility to customize the desk with electronics from different models. We can create desks in any size you need.