About us

You could say that IWOOD.PRO designs and manufactures functional office furniture with built-in electronics, but that would be an understatement. We create more than just furniture, we create a comfortable atmosphere that allows for complete immersion in the work process. Each of our desks is an organic collaboration of technology, design, and quality.

It all started with a familiar pain — a broken desk in a new office that creaked and wobbled, making it uncomfortable to work. The desk was cluttered with wires and lacked space. This experience led us to question why we deny ourselves basic comfort while spending so much time in the workplace.

We spend 8 or more hours a day, 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, and 1,820 hours a year in the workplace. Why not make our desks comfortable, modern, and beautiful?

Our business was born from an idea, and it has become more than that. We are passionate about our work and do it with love.

We carefully nurture each solution for a long time, sometimes for more than a month, in search of the perfect embodiment. We are obsessive about details, and our motto is perfectionism raised to the highest degree.

For example, we developed a phone holder from scratch because no off-the-shelf solution could satisfy us completely. It took seven layouts, more than 80 hours of work, and one kilogram of plastic, but we found the perfect degree of inclination. Now you can work at our table with two devices simultaneously, using only one finger to operate the phone.
The IWOOD team’s main idea is to bring comfort and ergonomics to your home. We make our smart desks from the best materials, such as natural wood and titanium. Each functional detail is thought out to the smallest detail, combining comfortability, reliability, aesthetics, ergonomic design, functionality, and technological readiness.

We expand the concept of "good furniture," believing that 21st-century furniture should be technologically advanced and aesthetically beautiful. Each of our desks is a stylish piece of furniture that will decorate your office, co-working room, or home office.

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